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Retail storeWhen it’s time to introduce a brand in the huge crowd of brands, the companies start brainstorming how they can make their brand more successful. At retail store the display tool like show case and mannequin usually consider the right apparatus to display the brand, but that is not enough to grab the attention of a spectator. The store designer always prefers to change the entire look of a casement and put his all efforts to make it more attractive visually.  The idea to change or revamp a store is a huge one that needs a drain of finance. However, it depends on the store designer how would he accommodate and introduce a brand. But the best way out is to work in collaboration with promotional team of a specific brand so that the brand could be easily displayed in the storage shelves of a store.

 Evolution of a new art:

storage shelvingI can remember the times when displaying the objects are only related with museums. The story behind the displays can be described in amusing manner. Then departmental store are introduced, where we find different items with different tags and at the right place. This is the second time in human history when things on such a huge level are displayed. Metal storage shelving trends is spread out like the fire of jungle. Now a day’s display in museum is given the name of exhibitions and display in store at a large scale fashioned as visual merchandising. The aim of such display is to increase the turnover. If we have to explain the entire store designing we can call it a store image. The idea that is working behind is to display the items in such a way at that it appeals to the buying sense of a shopper and he gets ready to buy the item.  The visual merchandising covers the areas of promotion and display on storage racks. A lot of artist is taking interest in store designing and they have made this art a great profession.

Visual merchandising a new technique to display items:

The visual merchandising technique follower used so many elements to demonstrate their ideas and creativity. They always focused on colors, space, lights, product specifications, certain feel and touch regarding the demonstration of a specific brand. Assortment of things in a way that it really appeals to the senses of the buyers is the main idea of visual merchandising.   For visual merchandising any ordinary thing can be used that depicts creativity. For a window display any material can be used to create a scene or environs like lights, bulbs, ornaments, pebbles. Above all it has an idea behind its creativity; no window display is possible until a proper thought is working behind it.

Window dressing things speak it:

window_dressingWindow dressing is a genuine idea to impress the people about the merchandise available in the store. It speaks about the things in which store has specialized.  Window dressing should be done in a way that the things speak their stories.  I don’t mean that the products placed in metal storage shelving could not inspire to the buyers. But it’s a direct contact of a passerby to the store that urges him to enter and shop. So the display should be interactive that inspire the visitors for immediate call for action. In the country like Sharjha and U.A.E visual merchandising trend is on its verge.


Industrial Shelving

Retail business has become the aspiration of young entrepreneurs, certainly it has a great potential of success. Certainly being new in retail business you might have some question in your mind same was with me. When I plunge into this arena but I try to unleash the secrets perhaps I am not a quick learner I take some time to learn the retail tricks. But here I unfold some of the secrets of successful retailing.

Product assortment:

Product placement is one of the hidden secret of a retail store. Product arrangement is significant to improve the product visibility. The product should be clearly visible to the buyers. Product presentation in storage racks eventually tempts the shopper to turn into buyer. Product placed in elegantly design steel shelving looks amazing and grab the attention of the buyer. So product assortment is the best trick for a successful retail business.

Stay updated:

A good retailer must have the idea about the average sales per customer, sales per employee, average turnover, sales per square meter and number of products in each storage racks. These are the basic parameters every retailer should know about them. Basically it is the estimation that every business man keeps in his mind and if there is proper management these goals can easily be achieved. This is the demand of competitive business environment.

Good observer:

display shelvingThe success of retailer lies in it how much they are aware about the needs of the customers. They can only feel it if they visit their store as a shopper rather than as an owner. In this way they can get the idea what flaws their stores still have. This is the extent of professionalism, to check out the store what essential are needed to be taken for store improvement and to improve service quality.

Staff training:

Staff training of retail store is essential for better services. The standard quality service can only be achieved if the staff is trained. For training, workshops should be arranged, for product arrangement and assortment in metal storage shelves so that they look catchy and classy. Space utilization for a bulk of items is the skill that should be instigate in employees. Customer support and customer dealing is one of the critical aspects of such training session.

Work out for marketing:

The trick to market your product is a skill that needs to be learning. Your staff is not aware about marketing stratagem how to involve the customers and convince them to buy the products. Make them familiar about the nerves of ultimate customers and it could be done by providing marketing training. A proper marketing behavior can only drag as much customer as you want. The potential retailer is aware of this fact and they equip their staff with this great skill, hence they have higher turnover than the others.

Employ guest shoppers:


To observe what level of customer services the retail store is offering. Some retailer employees guest shoppers. Because they are the best observer and can easily access the qualities and flaws your store is facing. This trick is quite impressive to give a boost to independent evaluation. This evaluation needs to be done after a couple of months to improve the service standard.

So what trick you would like to follow to become a successful retailer. We want to hear from you.


I am not sure how much universal this Shakespearian wisdom is. But what I am sure is that, at least this wisdom does not ring true in our economic realms where product packaging and brave visual merchandising have become decisive competitive edge for successful business ventures. For many of us, running a retail business is as simple as having products hit on the shelves and sells them to the consumers ultimately. Along with products, it takes intelligently beautiful store design to make consumers enter the store and purchase the goods that they want to have, or better yet, to make them goods that they even do not really need. Thus, it’s safe to assume that ‘good design is a ready business’. Before we see what this ‘good design’ really means in retail environment, let’s ask ourselves few interesting questions.

Some Interesting Findings Relating To Retail Shopping:

jkWhen was it last time when you went for shopping? Did you purchase only those things that you had jotted down in your shopping list or like many others, you too found yourself fallen for so many other things that were not really in your planned purchase errand. And while being impulsive shopper, what made you pick a product while discarding other placed beside it on the shelf?
If you are a retailer, spare some special time and see different shoppers doing shopping, see them standing before product display shelving and catch their shopping gestures. Soon you will learn how your retail design is affecting your buyers buying decisions. Brand marketers are now convinced that most of shopping decisions are made in store. According to a research, 70% of buying decisions are never made until strolling in store aisles. And on this process of buying goods visual communication forms 80% of human perception, hearing forms 10% and other senses such as touch and smell form rest of 10%.

Can Shoppers Be Turned Into Buyers?


Some direct and some indirect, there are many things that drive shoppers into buyers. Some words such as ‘sale’, ‘promotion’ and ‘offer’ are too powerful to be engaged with. Shoppers ultimately find themselves driven towards the products that are calling them with these words. On the other hand, there comes supermarket equipment which includes all steel shelving, storage cabinets, shopping carts and store props.

Brands seem to be rather more interested in availing with best racking and shelving packs in any store as products displayed on these sophisticated display shelving’s always rest in shoppers’ eye sight and are best highlighted to their maximum potentials. So, for a retailer it’s important to find nicely crafted and creatively engineered Industrial racking industrial racking which would entice shoppers to get products being displayed on them. It’s like a science of architecting store structure and art of decorating it with interior design techniques.

Type of display and its place within the store are also crucial in driving shoppers into sale. Not all the products sell the same way all across the store. It may take another full length article to discuss what type of products sell better in certain store locations. So let it be saved for some other day.


In this rapidly fluctuating business environment, manufacturers are facing so many challenges and one of them is to bring innovation in the product only in this way they can give tough time to their competitors. But this is the only one aspect of the picture; the story does not end here. The manufacturers have to follow the mantra of being updated and must have the know how about the new trends and technologies that can make their product consumer’s first choice. Let’s get this straight, consumer is the turnkey who can make you or destroy you. Consumer satisfaction cannot be purchased; it is something that is related to quality. I had observed in the last decades that the majority of the business focuses on consumer oriented policy. Having a large clientele is the guarantee of the reliability of your product and yes, it also symbolizes the trust of the people on your products.

Product influence:

Being an entrepreneur I strongly belief over the notion that a quality product can win a buyer for a long time span. However it is not necessarily depends on the nature of your product or its usability. Product can be of any type, it may be commercial like Commercial Shelving or for domestic use like clothes.The success of your product is totally dependent on the Consumer satisfaction if they are satisfied your product really worth it.

Product credibility:

leds-on-confectionary-bayIn the modern world the nature of business is getting complex, modern standards has opened the new vistas to flourish the business. Here are lots of opportunities and lots of resources required to fill the contemporary needs. Trends have been set and people are following these trends madly , everyone is talking about mega stores, mega structures, mega bridges, it seems to me that it is the age of expansion and reminds me the British policy of expanding their kingdom in 19th century. On the other hand, the world is now a global village and here is expected that these mega structures can fulfill the needs of the entire community of this Global village. One thing for just one time and that should be enough for all. Well, for all these super projects, Supermarket equipments is in great demand. The companies who are providing such equipment like commercial shelving and refrigeration is producing for the prospect of market longevity.

Product keeping with industry:

commercial-shelving-racks-for-storage-52I was wondering how manufacturers manage their products that have been produced on a large scale. But it really amazed me when I visited the supermarket in the heart of my city. When I entered into it, I felt that I have been entered into a factory.The things are managed in such a way, that I acknowledge the fact that product management is the work of designing and developing of industrial shelving. It’s a sheer fact that such designing is not the work of a layman. It’s the work of experts, who design and maintain these shelves and has taken product keeping on new heights. Material handling is difficult to be done without industrial shelving that serves as a storage rack in the industry. For managing industrial material and products here is a complete array of steel shelving, storage cabinets, and economy shelving systems and shelving units. one can name it as industrial management.


In all this rapid technical commotion, every single industry of the world is experiencing continual flux. Centuries old businesses are dying their destined death and thousands of new business horizons are opening for entrepreneurs likewise. But, where to invest your dear capital, without running the risk of ending up regretting the loss of investment, time and energy, is a troubling question.
Retail industry has seen its superlative acceleration in recent years. Apparently running a retail business is as simple as stocking and selling goods to consumers who need them every time. Wow, Phew and Alas! Stocking goods to sale might be simple and may ask for cash to have them at first place, but things get complicated as soon as you are supposed to tug your sleeves up for selling them to consumers. So, let’s see, what makes a retail business a ‘successful retail business’.

Fear of Failure eventually leads to Failure:


Being self-employed (in terms of retail business owner) is really the best thing that one can have in this little life. But like all other best things in the world, it too is somehow challenging, or worse yet, impossible with given market competition and consumers’ unpredictable buying behaviors. I would ask you to DISAGREE with me here, and things will start becoming possible.
It’s true, retail industry isn’t any nickel and dime business. Solid and substantial start-up capital is seriously essential. But let me tell you another thing. Don’t walk on your idea so quickly, there must be some investors, or even better, grab any bank loan. You must ask yourself, ‘do people really need the things that you are going to put up in your product supermarket equipmentwhich means freezers, chillers, cold storage equipment, display shelving, checkout counters, shopping trolleys, warehouse racking etc. If they do need, ‘do they have buying power’? And if ‘yes’, you are good to finance yourself up.By now, you have done initial business planning and are mindful to the product demand, market competition, required start-up investment and your store location. It’s time to nip fears! Fortune favors brave people.

Success Lies in Understanding ‘Need, Want and Desires:

Three simple and plain words! But in terms of marketing discipline, these 3 words represent highly intimidating, challenging and unpredictable consumer-product relation. So, understanding them is somehow important because it’s most rewarding in terms of brand establishment and user buying behavior identification.

  • Needs:

Products whose absence would entirely result in deprived life fall under needs category. Every human needs basic food, health, education and shelter. Products entertaining these basic human necessitates don’t really need ‘PUSH’ because consumers are already looking for them all the time.

  • Wants:

These are products which users prefer under their certain instincts. These consumer products are instrumental in satisfying life standards. For example everybody wants to look good, so products relating to daily life style fall under it.

  • Desires:

Products whose acquiring relates to consumers’ passions or wishes are called desires. To consumers, having these products at hand means showcasing high end life style. Normally such products cost much money.

Retail Design and Retail Equipment:


The next big thing in establishing successful retail business is generating buying environment where consumers enjoy shopping like anything. Successful retailers have always crafted intelligent store design reinforced with high end Supermarket equipments.

pc450671-drugstore_retail_convenience_store_shelf_cold_rolled_steel_display_shelving_6_layerBuying and selling is the actual “business” code everywhere. Some buy products and some sell as required. Some give services and some take services. This is an ongoing process that profits you and can also take it from you. You can make money but you can lose too. The chances of profit maximization and minimizing the loss factor are the most important thing is any business. In retail business it is very important to have attention towards different phases and factors of the business build up. Do you want to become a cool successful retailer? If yes, then you have to make your mind in tackling your business with expertise at all level meeting the standard set.
Now in running a large super store there are many things that you need to look after and like your warehouse, arrangement of products in warehouse racking, systematic follow up of the in and outs and a well maintained storage. All these things will ensure a successful make up of your business at the end of the day.

Well managed storage-A real need


In your business a well manages warehouse is a must. If you do this, you will be having a greater peace of mind and much more will to enlarge your plan. Stock piling will also become possible for you as well manage stored items in storage racks do not take much space. Your store managers will also have an idea that up to what capacity they can store product with efficiency once they would be able to see the merchandise arranged in an order.

Shelve your business step by step


In any industry the most important thing is to store the product in a way where utilization in the long term could become possible. This is how it is? When you start a business in any industry you store your products before taking them to the market. Industrial shelving methods can be very helpful to you in arranging and storing your products for a longer period of time that will allow you to take them to the market in a step by step procedure time by time. You see shelving that brings an order to your product management in a warehouse can also become very help for you once you will take your product to the supermarket. Why is that? This is because even in a super market if you will organize your products according to the psychology of the customer you will be able to get more profit and you will be facilitating them in many ways mentally and physically.

Learn the supermarket psychology


If you are going to start a retail business, it is very important for you to understand supermarket business strategy as well as consumer psychology and buying trends. Supermarket equipments can help you in creating an atmosphere that is cost effective as well as result oriented when it comes to the sales point of view and consumer buying trends. Racking techniques in a supermarket can produce a lot of ease for you and will take your profits up by addressing consumer psychology. Again it is important that shelve your products in the superstore in a way that makes ease for the customer and to buy things.

In reality it is not the clients need but your selling strategy that makes a customer to buy products from your store that are also available in the superstores operating in the market.


When you the numbers, Gulf region means business. As a microcosm of this round planet, whole gulf is burgeoning in so many ways in including political, social and most importantly economical directions. But, competing in this region is not any easier job; it demands deep understanding of this region’s culture, its norms, its values and its taboos. With preconceived biased notions about this region and its people, you are hardly supposed to break any grounds.
Though it’s not clash of civilizations that’s our subject matter, it’s more about understanding their business principles and living styles which are substantially laid in Islamic law. For setting up your home offices in this region, you must adapt to this culture in relation to the engagement with the locale.

UAE – As A Microcosm for Gulf:

Dubai is most westernized region in Gulf area and it has seen huge huge huge influx of international companies and international workers over the last few decades; expatriates make 80% of total work force here. These companies have opened their home offices which more or less tend to follow Arab culture, though their parent culture still gleams in between through design orientation.
‘While in Rome, do as Romans do’ makes sense for most of the Arab but for Dubai, its wisdom is partial. You can always blend their culture with yours and bring out something more fascinating and more business oriented.
IT, engineering and retailing are most thriving businesses in UAE. If you are planning to invest in these industries, chances are you will get a thriving response and will find least troubles in elevating your business.

A New Generation of Design and Business:


Swashbuckling design in UAE conflating pragmatism and utopianism has stormed the whole world. Buildings heartened with digital tools are so exotic that they, by no means, look belonging to our planet. In those buildings, companies are opening their offices, entrepreneurs are making departmental stores, fashion shops and service centers.


For those planning to open their businesses in such goldmine, it’s important to be futuristic. From office design to office equipment, everything is instrumental. You give a fig to any of these things, are you failed.
For stores of all kinds and sizes, it’s important to update their equipment including warehouse racking and steel shelvings. You can’t sell high value low textured supermarket shelves. Since retailing is all about selling and stocking products that consumers need and purchase. So, cluttered display, or worse yet, hidden from eyesight will never get those products out of their shelves.

UAE Supermarkets and Retail Designs:


As told above, UAE has become the hub of whole business world. People visit here to shop, they stay here for businesses and they invest here for making high piles of money. Everything here is interesting and profitable.
To make them shop from your stores, you need to employ unique retail designs. Retail design is a science of architecting store structure and art of decorating it with interior design techniques. For hassle-free shopping experience, products are put in a way that finding them not just becomes intuitive but buying them becomes passion. Brands focus more and more over finding best Industrial Steel Shelving for their products so that consumers realize ‘value’ being added in their lives through their products.


Marketplace has never been more competitive than in our age. The problem that most retailers, regardless of retail size, worry about is how to build such a retail environment that stokes customers’ lust and motivates them to make instant and frequent purchases. Well, it’s a complex subject that involves expert debate over it.
Customers, these days, steer their vehicles directly to supermarkets and hypermarkets for shopping. To them, these markets offer them a plethora of products and that too at lower costs. Besides, quality of products and a great number of brands give them sufficient alternatives to choose from. But things at the bottom are not as simple as seen on the surface. Everything including sought-after marketing mix strategy can end up in utter failure if retail design and store equipment of store fails to comply with customers’ buying instincts.

Retail Display Design and Supermarket Equipments:

imagesRetail design is the most important factor in driving customers to the stores. In modern free-enterprise customers have abundance of suppliers and they choose those ones who don’t only come with better products at lower prices but also entertain their ideal buying instincts.
Retail design is all about building such an environment that illuminates products to their best realizable potentials and that successfully seduces customers to make more and more sales. A ‘sophisticated buying environment’! To build such a sales driven environment, supermarket equipment plays vital role.
P.S. supermarket equipment includes all the shelves, panels, dividers, shopping carts and props and lighting etc. Just picture yourself visiting any retail shop or even supermarket having cluttered display of products on poorly built shelves and racks. Trust me; you won’t like staying therein for single second, let alone buying products from there.
Elegant, durable and versatile warehouse racking not just simply adds value to the products, it makes products show off with all their bells and whistles. This is the reason; more and more groceries and supermarkets are focusing on cutting edge display equipments to sell their esteemed products.

Supermarket Equipments and Product Navigation Space Modeling:

best reckModern retail selling is getting more and more visual merchandizing. This means customers notice how and where products are being shown in any retail environment. And based on their display and position, they build certain perceptions about products that they see.
If we just be little intelligent with our store design and industrial racking or warehouse racking selection, we can land into more and more sales for our stores. The only secret is to position products where customers may intuitively find them and they don’t even need any little efforts in finding them. Depending upon the product and its brand, the shelves must be designed in a way that they promote and convey brand’s image.You might be wondering that this brand oriented supermarket equipment’s design strategy may demand for equipments in more numbers. It’s not necessarily the case. Same type of products can be placed in one single warehouse racking .

Elevate Your Retail Business With High Quality Retail Design:

busWe have seen that retail design is all about creating environment which spawns certain emotions among customers which increase sales probability. And we have discussed importance of supermarket equipment too in building such environment. So, it’s now safe to assume that with this tactical design development and powerful marketing tactics, we can elevate our retail business to the new heights of success.

js6qw2z4-1340850504Consumers’ increasing bend towards mass merchandising has led to a dramatic boom of supermarkets and hypermarkets. Where these supermarkets and hypermarkets are becoming goldmine for entrepreneurs, these offer a great ease of shopping to customers. It’s all been due to its distribution model which serves the interests of both, the customers and the companies.
Before supermarkets started appearing on business horizons, shops primarily relied on ‘over the counter’ method where customers told the man sitting behind the counter what they needed and upon that, shop keeper/salesman fetched it for them. On the other hand, these modern markets let customers browse along supermarket equipment and see goods from all available brands, allowing them to choose after their hearts.

Science, Psychology and Supermarkets Flowing Together:

SM (5)Increasing number of supermarkets has led to the ruthless competition that was never fiercer than it’s now. Companies and chains use different kind of marketing strategies, making sales process a complete science. At certain level, customers share same buying behaviors and follow same buying patterns. Based on the study of these behaviors and patterns, new theories are being developed and implemented across super and hypermarkets.
Point of Sale (POS) merchandising is marketing strategy of selling goods through different forms of displays and visuals. According to a research, 70% of buying decisions are never made until shopping. And on this process of buying goods visual communication forms 80% of human perception, hearing forms 10% and other senses such as touch and smell form rest of 10%. It means visual effect of goods being presented for sale in commercial shelveings is crucial to sales process.To fully maximize customers’ buying intentions, marketers are building scientific approach for influencing customers’ buying behaviors and moods through retail environment. Built on studies from human psychology, this scientific approach is called Retail Design.

Retail Design –Science of Influencing Customers’ Behaviors in Commercial Spaces:

There is a long history of interrelations between design and marketing. At its basic, design is used to outgun competitors by employing different tools relating to atmospherics. Selection of high quality supermarket equipments is critical for this purpose. And at advanced levels, it’s about creating a user experience through creating a unique environment. It’s the effort of creating sales driven buying environment to produce certain emotional feelings in a buyer that increase his purchase probability. Since, marketers have finally agreed that buyer isn’t just a buyer; he is a customer with a mood, personality and feelings. Retail design helps building their trust by appealing their subconscious.

Shelves Strategy and Customers’ Buying Behaviors:

ms-supermarketOrganizing products on commercial shelves is one of most important things while presenting goods for sale. There are three different levels where goods, according to their functions, are presented. These levels are eye, hands and feet.
Eye level is mostly dedicated to the goods relating to well known brands and goods placed at this level are often expensive. Goods at hands level are also easily accessible. They are also generally dedicated for well known brands. At third level, feet level customer has to put some effort while watching and choosing goods, so here goods of private brands are kept.
With retail design theory, shelves play important role in influencing customer’s moods. So it’s always worth spending time while choosing good supermarket equipment manufacturer. This will allow finding versatile yet durable commercial shelves or industrial shelves.